Breaking In New Ski Boots


Breaking In New Ski Boots

It’s virtually every skier’s nightmare- young to old, beginner to expert – breaking in new ski boots. Regardless if you just dropped half your paycheck on that brand spanking new pair of ski boots you’ve been eying up, or that they’re the most technologically advanced pair available, with enough bells and whistles to make your head spin. The bottom line is ALL ski boots are still quite uncomfortable to break in, but a necessary task nonetheless. By following these simple steps, you will avoid the most common ailments, all those nagging blisters, and most importantly, serious foot and toe injury.

Start by immediately wearing your ski boots at home on a regular basis until they are broken in. Grab your favorite book and slide those puppies on for at least an hour a night. You’re going to want to tighten them, slightly more than you would normally. Go that one extra notch. Whew! I knew you could do it. Start at the toes, up the ankle, and work your way to the top. Repeat the other boot now. Stomping around the house like you’re walking on the moon might not seem like much fun, but you are accomplishing something very important: you’re pushing the heel cup into the proper position, which helps mold the liner to your foot. Go ahead, do your favorite dance while no one’s looking. Flex them back and forth and wiggle your toes around. Starting to feel more comfortable yet? Great!

Did you think we were done yet? Not quite skiingnut! Next, pull out those liners and wear them like your favorite pair of slippers. This will shape the liner foam to your toe and heel. Now comes the fun part. Put the liners back in your shiny new ski boots, tighten only the lower straps and buckles, not the calf straps, as far as they’ll go. Now go ahead and wear those boots until your feet say sweet dreams and begin to fall asleep. Probably a good 10-15 minutes. No pain no gain! Now loosen them up, let your circulation build up and your feet breath. Repeating this process will allow your ski boots to properly mold to your feet, making them feel much more comfortable. The heel pockets will start to hollow out and enlarge, pulling your toes away from the front of the boot, thus giving your foot more wide-range motion.

TIP #1: Always wear one pair of thin skiĀ socks. Don’t double up. Ski boots are meant to be worn tight, without any extra bulk. One pair of good thin ski socks will suffice.

TIP #2: Consult your local professional ski boot fitter if you are still having issues after completing these steps. They can punch out additional space in the toe, or suggest getting custom insoles made for your boots.

The more time you spend in the off season breaking in your new ski boots, the more time your ski boots will have to shape to your feet. You’ll be glad you did skiingnuts!

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