How To Keep Your Ski Goggles From Fogging


How To keep Your Ski Goggles From Fogging

Ski goggles are a necessity when you’re out in the snow, protecting your eyes from wind, debris, and sun glare. A common problem though, that can become a hazard while you’re skiing is fogging. Since fogging is a result of hot air and cold air merging together, to keep your ski goggles fog-free you need to take steps to reduce the disparity¬† in temperatures between the outside air and your face.
Step 1
Don’t overdress. Staying warm is one thing, but adding too many layers may cause your body to overheat while you’re skiing. The warmer your face is, the better chance you have of your goggles collecting condensation because the temperature difference between the outside air and your skin will be greater. Wear enough clothing to stay warm, but not breaking a sweat while you ski.
Step 2
Put your ski goggles on before you go outside. This will cause your goggles to maintain the same temperature as your body, thus preventing fogging. Don’t take them off until you’re finished skiing once they are on. Removing them will only allow them to cool again, creating a contrast alongside your face and cause fogging.
Step 3
Keep the air vents on your ski goggles free and unobstructed. Every so often check the top of your ski goggles to clear off any snow that may have accumulated and may be blocking the vents. Air flow keeps fog away.
Step 4
If your ski goggles aren’t already pre-treated, use a good anti-fogging cleaner as necessary. This will be helpful on lower-end goggles or older goggles that are starting to fog. Do not use glass cleaner, paper products, or your ski gloves. These can all strip away any existing anti-fogging protection, and even worse, damage your lenses.
An anti-fog solution can be applied to the lens before hitting the slopes. Just let it dry prior to use.
A fog cloth is a pre-treated soft, lint-free cloth that can be used to help prevent fog on the lenses and also remove smudges.
A fog eraser is a sponge on one side to absorb moisture, and a soft chamois on the other side to dry the goggles lens.

TIP: Be careful. Wiping snow off your goggles can lead to more moisture and fog and actually scratch the lens. To avoid scratches, use the goggle soft case, or a cloth made specifically for lens cleaning. Only blot, never wipe any moisture off the lens.

Hopefully these tips will make all you skiingnuts see straight out on the slopes!

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